The one-stop shop that easily
connects you with qualified
Washington, DC building inspectors…
on your time and within your budget.

  • Certified Agencies
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Easy Payment
  • Transparent Reporting

How it works

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    Log in or Register

    Log in to Tertius using your Access DC credentials or register to Access DC.

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    Choose a date and time that is convenient for you.

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    Price and Pay

    No surprises. Pricing for all inspectors is available prior to committing. Once complete, payment is easily made online.

What is Tertius?

ˈtərʃ(i)əs; Latin tertius; third.

  • A platform that connects

    residential and commercial property owners and managers with certified and approved inspectors.

  • On-demand inspections

    based on the customer's preference for date and time.

  • Specific pricing plans

    so that customers may make an informed decision that best meets their needs.

Customer benefits

  • Move your building projects forward

    safely and efficiently

  • Certified Inspectors

    Provides a list of certified and approved inspectors available in one place – at your fingertips

  • Responsive and available agencies

    Increases ready access to inspectors so that you can get inspections sooner, or at a more affordable price, and keep your project moving forward

  • Competitive and transparent pricing

    Through competitive forces, Tertius results in the best prices, or fasted availability, for consumers

A market for inspection agencies

  • Brings a supply of customers directly to each inspector
  • Supplies a platform to conduct and report inspection activity – streamlining and speeding up the process
  • Provides a marketing platform that levels the playing field for all inspectors – now, an individual inspector has the same opportunity to compete for business as a larger inspection firm

How Tertius works